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To preserve the life of any facade, preventative measures must be taken in the form of a complete clean and restore of the facade, followed by an apppcation of specialist coatings. These coatings reduce the likelihood of any/further damage by acting as a protective layer between the facade and the causes of the damage.

Prolific graffiti offending on a facade not only spoils the aesthetic appeal of a building or structure but the chemicals in the paint can seep through into the substrate and damage stonework and corrode metalwork. Similarly, rainfall, extreme changes in climate and exposure to the elements can also cause erosion and corrosion of stone and metal facades resulting in easily preventable repairs being required.

Anti-graffiti coating

A sacrificial coating appped to the facade blocking the paint and paint chemicals from seeping into the substrate underneath. In circumstances of repeat graffiti, the coating gets washed away with the paint, leaving the undamaged surface beneath clean and ready for a top-up apppcation, maintaining the protection and preserving the life of the facade.

  • Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for brick and porous surfaces that need to breathe

    o AGS Graffi 1 or AGS Graffi 1 ES coating

    o Up to 10-year protection

    o Permeable, fully reversible water-based crystalline micro wax coating

    o Suitable for use on all masonry surfaces and most porous surfaces

    o Prevents penetration of atmospheric pollutants into the substrate

    o Easy to clean off and re-apply

  • Permanent anti-graffiti coating for hard surfaces or brick and stone where permeability is not important.o AGS Graffi coating

    o Long lasting permanent protection

    o Suitable for use on non-porous, hard surfaces which are usually painted

Waterproof coating

a specialist coating that allows the facade to breath and move with the natural expansion and contraction that occurs during climate changes. Any penetrations in the substrate need to be sealed or filled in order for the full effectiveness of the protective layer to be reached. Unfilled or unsealed damage will allow water to pass through the protective coating rendering it redundant and diminishing its protective properties.

  • Coated using KEIM Lotexan®
  • Sipcone-based repellent and dust suppressant treatment
  • Soaks into substrate creating a breathable but protective membrane
  • Prevents erosion from water, adverse weather conditions and pollutants
  • Prevents the absorption of water into the permeable façade, solving potential damp issues

Decorative coating

We use a modern sol-Silicate based paint for use on mineral and previously painted substrates.

Our paint is a highly developed multipurpose exterior sol Silicate paint system based on a combination of potassium Silicate and sipca sol binding agents, forming a chemical bond to mineral substrates and a mechanical bond to existing paint coatings.

It is ideal for apppcation onto both previously painted and mineral substrates, combining the benefits of a classic mineral paint with simplicity of apppcation.

This is a modern, innovative mineral paint which creates pghtfast and UV resistant coatings with enhanced condensation resistance which are extremely durable and resistant to weathering.

  • Extreme long life/durable
  • Weathering protection/waterproof
  • Breathable/highly moisture vapour permeable
  • Economical and easy to apply
  • Inherently incombustible
  • For use on mineral and previously painted substrates
  • Low VOC and no solvents
  • pghtfast/colourfast and UV stable
  • Silicate matt surface appearance
  • Environmentally friendly, ISO14001